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M-53 orphan freeway gap

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Stephane Dumas:
I wondered if there some long-term plans to link the orphaned freeway gap of M-53 with I-69 or M-59,-83.019304&spn=0.022198,0.054932&z=15  or if it was cancelled? (I doubt then the plans to extend the M-53 freeway south to I-696 could be revived)

As far I know, MDOT's only plan on M-53 is to expand it between the Romeo Bypass and the Macomb/St. Clair county borders from a two lane highway to a 4 lane divided highway. Other than that, I have no idea if they'll touch M-59

Stephane Dumas:
the M-53 freeway gap currently touch M-59 who's a divided highway on this location (the M-59 freeway just stop a bit shy west of M-53 as seen on satellite shots), trying to stretch the M-59 freeway to M-53 might correct this

Hopefully they do, the gap just looks stupid IMO

Terry Shea:

--- Quote from: njroadhorse on March 10, 2009, 10:50:04 AM ---Hopefully they do, the gap just looks stupid IMO

--- End quote ---
Yeah, I remember when they were digging the trench to extend the M 59 freeway.  I thought they were going to extend the freeway clear to I-94.  What a stupid place to stop it!  It seems like more traffic gets backed up now than before, and it seems like a total waste to have extended the freeway at all if they were just going to leave it at that point, especially since the Silverdome is no longer in use.  I don't believe there are any plans to extend it further though.


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