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M-53 orphan freeway gap

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Terry Shea:

--- Quote from: Stephane Dumas on March 14, 2009, 08:13:06 AM ---
--- Quote from: Hellfighter06 on March 12, 2009, 12:03:17 PM ---No, because unless it goes to another state, they don't see any usefulness for a toll road.

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Not exactly true, before the Interstate act of 1956, Michigan studied the possibility of building toll roads according to this map from the late Mike Natale's toll roads site stored at the internet archive  one tollway from the OH border to Bay City and another one from Detroit to "Michiana"

However, I wonder MIDOT could explore the possibility of ETL (Express Toll Lanes)?

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Won't happen.  That would mean adding lanes and the state just doesn't have the money to do it...or anything else for that matter.  Well actually that's not quite true.  The Michigan legislature is very good at wasting money and not getting its priorities straight.  :spin:

Terry Shea:

--- Quote from: Hellfighter06 on March 14, 2009, 02:39:24 PM ---One thing I wish MDOT would do is remove the at-grade intersections at 30 Mile and 32 Mile Road. The Road is 70 Mph until about 300 ft, and then it slows down to 55 mph. And then right after you pass it, it goes back up to 70. How annoying!

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Supposedly that's is in the works, but I've never understood why they do things that way.  I'd think that if they were going to upgrade a highway to freeway standards they'd do it sequentially instead of picking spots here and there to upgrade and making a mess out of the whole route.  Apparently Rand McNally doesn't know how to handle such a scenario either.  They get that section wrong in their atlas every year it seems.

That would be cool, but there are some problems. First, in the 70's, the city of Detroit prohibited any further freeway building within city borders. Also, M-39 is not up to interstate standards, and can't expand to I-696 or I-75. That's also true for M-5, the locals sued MDOT when they tried to connect M-5 to M-59. 


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