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Which highways were initially going to be involved in the Trans-Texas Corridor?

I-35 in Texas, then depending on which superhighway it can take you all the way up to Minnesota (then to Canada using MN 61) or up to Missouri then up I-29 to Canada.

J N Winkler:
I-35 and US 59 (future I-69) were the major ones.  But the original TTC plan called for some east-west corridors and some rather far-fetched routes, such as US 67 as the American component of the Entrada al Pacífico corridor.

I think the TTC map must still be on the Web somewhere.

Revive 755:
Found a map:

I think these corridors might have been useful for I-35 and the proposed I-69, but only if the rail lines were kept in the median.  I also think something like this should have been considered more for I-70 across Missouri.

EDIT:Found another map halfway down this page:


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