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US 33, VA 33, and US 250 endpoints in Richmond, VA

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The conundrum over where US 33 and 250 end in Richmond may soon be solved. I sent an email to Richmond Public Works a few weeks ago, and was forwarded a conversation among several people in that department. Apparently, end signage will be going up for US 33 and US 250 in the correct locations, and existing misleading VA 33 signage will be removed:


I will try to answer as many of his questions as possible. However starting with your question I think installing start and end plaques on the existing signs should be done by the city.  Here are answers to the other questions:

- Route 33 - US Route 33 ends at the intersection of Broad and Harrison Streets and begins SR 33 eastward.  I would generally install beginning and ending signs in both directions at that point.  I would advise the city to use the proper shield for all signs east of Harrison Street.

- Route 250 - This route begins and ends at 18th and Broad.  These start/end points are generally used for maintenance payments, but have little value to the public.

(email clip ends here)


The email also mentions that inconsistencies with directional banners on VA 147 will be fixed (VA 147 is an east-west route that is also signed north-south in random places in Richmond), and that an erroneous VA 197 shield east of US 1/301 will be removed, because this segment is not part of VA 197. The email also states these issues will be fixed in the next 90 days.

I think this might also bring an end to any debate over where US 33 and US 250 end, as the city consulted VDOT records for this information.

US 33 ends at the intersection of US 250 (Broad Street) and Harrison Street (VA 33). This sort of makes the US 33-250 multiplex in Richmond useless, but not quite.

US 250 ends at 18th and Broad. 18th Street is US 360.

Originally posted in general Virginia thread.  US 33/VA 33 End Point and US 250 in VA topics also merged as they are really just one combined oddity.

Its about time someone debunked their ends! I remember driving around Richmond in 1999 looking for those when my check oil light came on! I had to forego looking for them and continued on my way, putting oil in the car at Ashland, and making it to my destination without ever figuring the ends out.

When signs go up, I'll take photos of them so I can send them to both you and Froggie. It actually took three tries for me to get a response from DPW; I guess former Mayor Wilder wasn't interested at the time, and now that Richmond has a new mayor, they're more interested in getting this stuff fixed. :sombrero:

Well I'm fine with it ending at US 1/US 301 as long as there's a "to VA 33" sign going east on US 33/US 250(I meant pointing north along with US 1/US 301 if I stated that wrong).  BTW The Hampton Roads Notes on the VA Highways Project need a desperate update(especially US 58 exit numbers and the freeway system deficiencies)


--- Quote from: froggie on March 25, 2009, 03:48:33 PM ---Simpler yet would be having US 33 end at either US 250 or at US 1/301, instead of an arbirtrary intersection (which is both the current case and 74/171's suggestion)...

--- End quote ---

I've always preferred the idea of just having US 33 end at US 250, even though having a 2di US highway end at a 3di US highway might seem a bit awkward. The US 33/250 duplex is pretty pointless as it is.

--- Quote from: 74/171FAN on March 25, 2009, 03:56:22 PM ---Well I'm fine with it ending at US 1/US 301 as long as there's a "to VA 33" sign going east on US 33/US 250(I meant pointing north along with US 1/US 301 if I stated that wrong).

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There is an erroneous "TO US 33" sign at the intersection of Broad and Belvidere (US 1/301) pointing toward Leigh Street, which is VA 33.


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