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The Pan American Highway

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I'd rather have US 95...goes through some great spots..

If I recall correctly, the Pan-Am Highway 'starts' in Deadhorse, AK, and winds its way down to the US via Fairbanks and the Alaska Highway. As I-25 is known as the Pan-American Highway in New Mexico, it's safe to surmise that it is one of the official routings (and there is at least one other in the US), making the route thus:
AK11, I-A1(AK2), YK1, BC97, BC2, AB43, AB16. From Edmonton, this is conjecture:
AB2, US89 (or AB2, AB3, AB4, I-15), US 87 onto I-25.
I-25(US85), I-10(US85) into El Paso and Ciudad Juarez.
Conjecture again: MX45(D), MX49(D), MX57(D), MX150(D), MX145(D), MX180(D), MX190(D), Guatemala CA1, El Salvador 1, Honduras 1, Nicaragua (Google doesn't have its route numbers up), Costa Rica 1, 34, 2, Panama (route numbers not up).

I thought there was no official routing in the US and Canada.

There isn't. The closest we have is I-25 in New Mexico. The rest is conjecture and deduction.

not much of a route when the largest and second-largest countries by GDP that are supposedly on the route don't even acknowledge it.


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