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I-10 Houston - Katy Freeway widening

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What's the status on this project? I heard claims like "26 lanes", are there any pictures of the widened part? Google Earth only shows it under construction.

I thought it was pretty much complete, but I'm not sure. I guess I would check TXDOT's website.

The Katy Freeway has been complete since October. I drive it everyday. Sadly, there are already problem spots during rush hour. Westbound at TX-6 gets real bad because they cut at least one or two mainlanes of traffic. Also, a ramp connecting I-10 westbound to TX-99 (Grand Parkway) southbound is desperately needed.

The HOV/HOT lanes, dubbed the Katy Tollway, are pretty interesting. The tolls fluctuate depending on the hour. If you are a high occupancy vehicle, you can travel in the lanes for free during peak hours or paid during off hours. If you are a single occupancy vehicle, you may use EzTag to travel on the lanes anytime. They currently have it setup to where the left lane is HOV and the right lane is EzTag during peak hours. EzTag is setup for both lanes during off hours.

Revive 755:
Some near complete pictures at the bottom of this page:

So far I'm not finding anything more recent.

Wow, that's just massive! I gotta see the first freeway in Europe that has 8 lanes in one direction without a barrier.


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