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M-59 Question


Were the exit numbers on the M-59 freeway always numbered?  I was flipping through the Rand McNally atlas today and noticed that they were.

No they weren't. Recently, as MDOT has been upgrading the state highway signs to the clearview format they've added exit numbers to the state highways that didn't have them.

The freeway exit numbers go from mile 38 to 50

The new Clearview signage with exit numbers were added along M-59 in 2006 and 2007, IIRC.

Yeah I saw it begin at exit 38 when I got on it from Business US-24 in Pontiac, it was the first time I noticed it.  Well it must originate from its Western Terminus in Howell.  Like how it's an avenue then it converts to a highway and back to a divided road that has the potential to be upgraded on Hall Road as Hall Road Expressway (M-59) since the Michigan Left turns are widen enough to all for an elevated highway. :clap: :clap: :-D


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