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Took a spin up to State Line, MS last weekend and checked out the changes to MS 42, MS 57, and U.S. 45 since my last visit there in 2002.

Take a look at some photos, maps, and read when MS 57/63's four-laning will be completed at

Below is some video I took of S.R. 67, from its northern terminus at U.S. 49 to its southern terminus at I-10 & 110 South. Also, S.R. 15 has been truncated to I-10 & 110 South; although, some signs still contradict this.

S.R. 67

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A setback on the Jackson Airport Parkway project:

Mississippi DOT stops Jackson Airport Parkway P3 - rating agencies No to investment grade

golden eagle:
New construction project for I-55/I-220 area

Here's the details:

-Widen I-55 northbound from County Line Road through the I-220 interchange to provide at least three through lanes in both the southbound and northbound directions

-Construct a new connection from I-55 northbound immediately north of County Line Road, which will provide direct access to U.S. 51

-Reconstruct the existing east frontage road, which parallels I-55 between Dyess Street and Goodridge Road

-Construct a new collector/distributor road that will provide access from I-55 northbound and will extend from County Line Road to I-55 northbound just south of the Natchez Trace Parkway

Construction will start in two to three years, depending on funding. This will surely be a mess.

-Construct a new I-220 westbound, two-lane flyover bridge with direct access from County Line Road via a connection from the new collector/distributor road

-Replace or construct various bridges within the project limits to accommodate the new lanes on the Interstate and the new collector/distributor road

-Provide additional through lanes and dual turn lanes on the County Line Road bridge over I-55

-Widen the ramp approaches from I-55 southbound to County Line Road

-Increase the number of lanes on County Line Road to three through lanes in each direction from the I-55 interchange west to U.S. 51 and from the I-55 interchange east to Ridgewood Road

Hey it's about high time for MDOT to get back to work on I-10.  The existing 6-lane is starting to crack, and there are multiple four lane segments that sorely need 6-laning.  I guess this will never happen. :( 


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