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Whatís the most insane roadway concurrency in the country?

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--- Quote from: 1 on June 17, 2022, 05:56:34 AM ---As for a different kind of insane, RI 114 with itself.

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Just as a reminder, the case of RI-114 is possibly disputed.  As far as I know, nobody here has actually compared the pertinent documents.

The short story is that Pawtucket's route log and RIDOT's route log reportedly have different routings for RI-114.

See below.

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 :confused: Whereabouts is this one?

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↓  See below  ↓

--- Quote from: kphoger on January 12, 2018, 02:38:16 PM ---Google Maps doesn't show it and signage is severely lacking, which is probably why.  RI-114 has a crazily circuitous route through town, such that both directions of travel officially use the same short one-way segment of Broadway.

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If that short stretch is actually part of RI 114 for either direction; I'd be very surprised. 

Looking at Google Maps (granted, such could be incorrect); one would think that RI 114 northbound after crossing under I-95 would follow School St. to Broadway (left) to Main St. where it crosses the Blackstone River and turn right onto High St.

RI 114 southbound runs along the one-way portion of Main St. north of High St. (114 northbound) and continues along the two-way portion across the Blackstone River and turns right at the next intersection (School St.(?)) and crosses under I-95.

Note: RI 114 has a short concurrency w/RI 15 between School St. and Goff Ave.

Unless it was once an old routing and based on the above-description; how in the world would RI 114 be on Broadway northeast of School St.?

Additionally, I have to believe that this trailblazer assembly w/RI 15 and NORTH 114 signage along Underwood St. is erroneous.  One can't even make a right turn onto Exchange St.; where the erroneous trailblazer sign indicates that such is RI 15 eastbound.

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--- Quote from: kphoger on May 08, 2019, 05:06:37 PM ---I mapped that stretch based on the official routing of RI-114.
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Forgive me for being skeptical; but is there an actual document source or official map that shows that oddball routing?  No offense to anyone here, I'm not talking about blogs or hobby-enthusiast's sites (like this one) which was what I got via a Google search; but an actual, official site.  I even tried RIDOT but I couldn't even find a decent map on their website that actually shows how RI 114 (& even RI 15) is routed through Pawtucket.

Note: the Wiki account only shows someone's Google Map trip routings circa 2011-2012.

What's currently shown on Google Maps, correct or not, appears to be the most logical & direct routing of RI 114 through Pawtucket.

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Doggone it, I can't for the life of me find the document I used to trace the route back when I made that original post.

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I keep coming back to this...

While I cannot seem to confirm the following assertion, I think it's worth mentioning here.

--- Quote from: Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads/Rhode Island/Comparison of sources for numbered routes in Rhode Island ---Rhode Island is in a fairly unique situation in the United States in that the different sections of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) sometimes disagree about what roads are numbered State Highways. The differing sources include signage on the roads themselves (which is often sporadic or nonexistent), GIS data supplied to RIGIS from RIDOT, maps on RIDOT's website, and RIDOT's pavement management division.


RIDOT's Pavement Management division produces a log for internal use in helping workers travel the numbered highways to assess pavement quality. The following observations are from a 2001 copy of the log. The "RINO" field of the "1:5,000 Roads" GIS data layer is largely equivalent to these descriptions, and as a whole these are the closest match to actual signage. When those two are compared, the pavement log agrees with signage in the majority or cases where the two sources disagree.


At least two cities, Pawtucket and Woonsocket, keep logs of their own.


Pawtucket's data agrees with RIDOT's except in two cases. ... A similar configuration exists with Route 114, where Pawtucket gives it a straighter route.

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So it appears the official RIDOT routing would be found in the Pavement Log, while the city of Pawtucket's own log disagrees.  Someone would need to obtain a copy of those two items in order to confirm or deny.

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How many of these are signed (such as the Folkston example)?  I don't think all the routes on I-465 are.  A mega sign salad is more interesting to me than the legal or practical definitions.

Well here in Texas thereís I 10/US 69/US 96/US 287 in Beaumont. And for about a mile itís Interstate 10/Us 90/Us 69/Us 96/us 287
San Antonio has stretches of interstate 10/Interstate 35/Us 87
And interstate 410/Us 281/Sh 130/ SH 16


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Some more Tex-4-plex examples:

Wichita Falls:  I-44 / US-277 / US-281 / US-287
Baylor County:  US-82 / US-183 / US-277 / US-283


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--- Quote from: 1 on June 17, 2022, 05:56:34 AM ---While it's well established that I-465 has the most

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Not quite. I-465 maxes out between exits 46 and 47 with eight (I-465, US 31, US 36, US 40, US 52, US 421, SR 37, and SR 67). The Athens Perimeter in Georgia between exits 4 and 8 also has that many (SR 10 Loop, US 29, US 78, US 129, US 441, SR 8, SR 15, and SR 422).

Once I-69 is complete in Indiana, presumably 465 will take the undisputed top spot. Weirdly, although I-74 and US 421 are concurrent with each other on either side of Indianapolis, they apparently go opposite directions on 465.

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IN 37 is planned to get decommissioned between Bloomington and Fishers, so the I-465 concurrency will stay at 8 routes.

 I-74 and US 421 go in different directions west of Indy; they donít meet up again.


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