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What’s the most insane roadway concurrency in the country?

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One way to hunt and to see the extent of these many-way concurrencies is to go into TM's Mapview:

Choose "Color by Concurrencies" from the first dropdown menu at the top, then probably "Highlight All" from the second and scroll around all you like.

Tip: if you zoom out too much, it will take a long time to load (there's a lot of stuff being pulled from the DB and a lot of things being plotted on the map in that case).  Instead, uncheck "Always Update Visible Routes", pan and scroll to a more zoomed-in area, and then check it again to load the data for that part of the world.

Of course, TM will only count concurrencies of roads in TM data.  If there's also a county route or something like that concurrent, it wouldn't show up. But it does show the 9 for I-465 (note that TM includes Future I-69), and the examples of 7's mentioned above in Folkston and around Athens.

Edit: changed above to mention the 9 on the east side of I-465.


--- Quote from: 1 on June 17, 2022, 05:56:34 AM ---While it's well established that I-465 has the most, the rotary in Augusta, ME has US 201, US 202, ME 8, ME 11, ME 17, ME 27, and ME 100. 11 and 201 bounce off each other, but since it's a rotary, you're going to need to make a 3/4 turn if it's a left turn, so arguably all seven can count. ME 8 begins here instead of continuing on both sides, but it should still count.

--- End quote ---

I just was there in October, and I've driven the I-465 portion, so I've officially clinched this thread.

TM does not include a GA 422, as it is apparently unsigned, so it shows 7, not 8, on that Athens stretch.

Prior to around 2012, Delphi, IN was home to a concurrency of US 421 and SR 18, 39, and a wrongway concurrency with SR 25, for about 10 blocks.  SR 25 being Main Street.

I-80/90 and I-39/90/94 are a couple of more notable crazy concurrencies.

Depending on your definition of "insane," I think the I-41/US 41 and I-74/US 74 concurrencies are not quite normal.

Also I-73 and I-74 since both are so far off the grid.


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