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What’s the most insane roadway concurrency in the country?

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--- Quote from: bugo on July 02, 2022, 07:34:31 AM ---Here's the weirdest concurrency in the country.

I win the thread.

--- End quote ---
OK, this might be weirder than the all-directions concurrency.

Interesting. A newer photo showing the meat-cleaver version has been making the rounds on Facebook today.

This concurrency, of course, runs along the Oklahoma-Arkansas line, though it does swerve fully into each state toward the north end. The OK-AR-MO tripoint marker is just to the west of the road, for instance.

The first assurance shield northbound currently shows OK-20 alone, although it looks like southbound OK-20/AR-43 is shown.

At one point it was signed OK-20/MO-43 going northbound, which was never actually correct, since the concurrent stretch of highway doesn't actually enter Missouri. (Once it reaches MO, both OK-20 and AR-43 ends and the road becomes solely MO-43.)


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