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Title: Loop 375 Freeway Upgrades
Post by: mwb1848 on February 23, 2014, 11:05:05 PM
Work continues to upgrade portions of Loop 375 (Transmountain Road) to a freeway between I-10 and US 54 connecting West and Northeast El Paso.

This is part of a plan to complete Loop 375 to a true loop all the way around the city. New signage which has gone up indicates that TxDOT is following through on a plan to multi-plex Loop 375 and I-10 between Transmountain Road and Paisano Drive. At Paisano the SB Loop 375 will follow a new tolled allignment connecting to the present end of the Cesar Chavez Border Highway segment of Loop 375 in Downtown.

The stretch of Loop 375 which runs from I-10 to Texas 20 in Canutillo appears poised to be decommissioned. The newly constructed Spur 16 will allow traffic to bypass Canutillo.

WB on I-10 approaching Loop 375
Old references to Talbot Avenue -- Loop 375 west of I-10 -- have been deleted.

Exit 6A is a surface interchange which accomodates Spur 16 and Loop 375 traffic via a signalized intersection. Exit 6B is a direct freeway-to-freeway connected from WB I-10 to EB Loop 375. Notice a sqare of greenout on the Exit 6B signage which will be removed when the direct connector opens.


Exit 6A travels under the direct connector.


Old and new surface street signage.


WB on Loop 375
As WB Loop 375 decends the Franklin Mountains, Paseo del Norte is the first exit drivers will encounter. This two way road will be the freeways WB lanes.


EB on Loop 375

As EB Loop 375 decends, drivers will first encounter Exit 21 to US 54 -- the Patriot Freeway -- or Kenworthy Street. Both of which are accessed by frontage roads. No direct connectors here.


After passing under US 54, drivers will be able to access its old alignment, now Business 54, or FM 2529.