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Title: Road Trip to Glacier NP
Post by: OCGuy81 on August 27, 2014, 12:01:54 PM
Been meaning to post about a recent trip to Glacier National Park in Montana for a while.  Finally getting around to it, and hope to upload some amazing pictures soon.  Here was the route, along with some notes.

I-5 North to Weed, CA:  Done this drive a million times.  From Orange County until Sacramento, this drive sucks.  It gets a little better between Sacramento and Redding, and then from Redding to Weed is amazing.  One of my favorite stretches of freeway, winding through the mountains.  It was pretty sad to see the water levels in Lake Shasta so low, however.   :-/

US-97 from Weed to Bend, OR:  Another drive I've made a lot, especially since my wife and I bought a home in Bend.  It's been a dry year in central Oregon as well, and I read that the wildfires have been pretty active.  For the most part, it was smooth sailing.  I've always liked US 97 in Oregon, feeling it flows pretty nicely.

Spent a day in Bend

US-97 from Bend to US-197 to The Dalles, OR:  I wanted to finally clinch US-197, and used this trip as an opportunity to do so.

US-197 to WA-14:  Drove east on WA 14.  I've always liked this side of the Columbia versus the I-84 side.  I think the lower speed limits and towns along the way provide a chance to appreciate the beautiful scenery more.

WA-14 to I-82 to US-395:  Clinched I-182, and then headed north on US 395.  Kind of a meh drive, unless you like a lot of farmland, which can be scenic in its own right, I suppose.

I-90 into Spokane, spent a night in Spokane.

I-90 to Coeur d'Alene:  This is a beautiful part of Idaho! In Coeur d'Alene, we headed north on US 95 to Sandpoint where US-2 joined up.  Continued north to Bonners Ferry, at which point we headed east on US 2 into Montana.

US-2 to Kalispell:  Just keeps getting better.  Gorgeous stretch of highway winding through the mountains and passing by lakes. 

US-93 to Whitefish:  Spent a day with some friends who live in this cool little ski resort town.  Next day, headed into Glacier.

Spent 3 days at Glacier.  Had a blast, went on some great hikes.

Going home took MT 35 south out of Kalispell to MT-83.  83 is a great stretch of road as it hugs the eastern shore of Swan Lake. Satyed on 83 to MT-200, to MT-141, to US 12, to Helena.

At Helena, hopped on I-15.  Rest of the trip home was basically Interstate driving on 15.  I'd never been north of Salt Lake on 15 and it was pretty scenic in Montana (by Interstate standards). 

All in all, a great trip to a beautiful National Park.  Try to get pictures soon!

Title: Re: Road Trip to Glacier NP
Post by: leroys73 on August 30, 2014, 09:53:30 PM
Sounds like a great trip.
Title: Re: Road Trip to Glacier NP
Post by: sipes23 on September 12, 2014, 02:27:36 AM
Were they doing the baton hand off through a long stretch of construction on US 2 east of Libby, MT?

That was pretty crazy when I drove through that in early August.
Title: Re: Road Trip to Glacier NP
Post by: kkt on September 12, 2014, 04:50:15 PM
Sounds like a great trip!  Looking forward to the pictures.