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Title: Quebec Renumbering
Post by: DBrim on September 15, 2014, 09:49:47 AM

I am looking for a list of Quebec highway numbers before the 1970s renumbering (or a map, etc etc). More specifically, I am looking for what QC155 was between Trois-Rivieres and Chambord. Does anybody have a resource like this?

Title: Re: Quebec Renumbering
Post by: Fugazi on September 15, 2014, 10:35:01 AM
You can find a list of pre-1975 route numbers here:

http://www.autoroutes.info/autoroutes/routesprovinciales.html (http://www.autoroutes.info/autoroutes/routesprovinciales.html)

And a 1941 highway map can be downloaded from the Quebec Archives:

http://services.banq.qc.ca/sdx/cep/document.xsp?app=ca.BAnQ.sdx.cep&db=notice&id=0000056544&n=207&dbrf2=xtgw_lieu&dbrf1=xtgw_titre&dbro3=and&dbro2=and&col=*&dbrd2=1950&dbrd1=1930&dbrv3=&dbrv2=&dbrv1=&dbrn=4&sortfield=date_publication&order=ascendant&sBtn=Lancer&region_nav=*&dbrf3=xtgw_auteur&&p=11&chpp=20&dbrqp=search_notice&qid=sdx_q0 (http://services.banq.qc.ca/sdx/cep/document.xsp?app=ca.BAnQ.sdx.cep&db=notice&id=0000056544&n=207&dbrf2=xtgw_lieu&dbrf1=xtgw_titre&dbro3=and&dbro2=and&col=*&dbrd2=1950&dbrd1=1930&dbrv3=&dbrv2=&dbrv1=&dbrn=4&sortfield=date_publication&order=ascendant&sBtn=Lancer&region_nav=*&dbrf3=xtgw_auteur&&p=11&chpp=20&dbrqp=search_notice&qid=sdx_q0)

But to answer your question, it looks like R-155 used to be Route 19.
Title: Re: Quebec Renumbering
Post by: Richard3 on June 16, 2017, 10:55:42 PM
I resurrect this old topic to say that according to Wikipedia, the highway between La Tuque and Lac-Bouchette (close to Chambord) was officially open in 1966.