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Title: Suggestions for Road Trip Sacramento, CA to San Antonio, TX
Post by: salvatore on September 15, 2014, 11:21:29 PM

I'm planning to hit the road again, this time from Sacramento, CA to Denver, CO then to Amarillo and then San Antonio, TX

I'll be taking I-80 all the way to Salt Lake City for dinner and probably head to Provo or Price for overnight hotel. I will then take I-70 all the way to Denver area where I will be staying for few days. After Denver, I will head to Amarillo, TX (Cadillac Ranch and BIG TEXAN dinner as well as overnight hotel) before heading south to San Antonio.

Suggestion for routing as above? where can I find photo stops of interesting points?

Title: Re: Suggestions for Road Trip Sacramento, CA to San Antonio, TX
Post by: KG909 on September 16, 2014, 12:08:07 AM
Hmm, I've never been through those places, but if you have a smartphone you should download Roadtrippers. I'm using it to plan a big trip, so its helpful because it has places like hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc.
Title: Re: Suggestions for Road Trip Sacramento, CA to San Antonio, TX
Post by: US81 on September 16, 2014, 08:23:29 AM
Please share what you are interested in, so we can tailor our recommendations appropriately. But, as a general overview:

Don't miss Palo Duro canyon, just south-southeast of Amarillo. Amarillo also has the Panhandle-Plains museum.

US 87 is arguably the most direct route from Amarillo to San Antonio. If memory serves, it stays on the high plain for a fair portion of the Amarillo-SA segment but comes down into some scenic hill country for the roughly half the distance. If you want more scenery on the northern leg, you can veer eastward, (and I can make other route suggestions if you're interested) but Lubbock has the Buddy Holly memorial/walk of fame and the Silent Wings museum.

There's just not much I can think to recommend south of Lubbock until you start to get into the Hill Country.

North from Brady on US 377 is a marker denoting the geographic center of Texas. South of San Angelo off US 277 are the Sonora Caverns (easily the most beautiful yet somehow least well-known caves in Texas). The Fort McKavett State Historic Site (mid-late 1800s, very nicely restored) is near Menard. Don't miss Enchanted Rock on TX 16 south of Llano. The Admiral Nimitz museum (WWII) is in Fredericksburg, near some good German food. The Lost Maples and the whole Kerrville/Medina/Vanderpool/Leakey area are beautiful.

What kind of road-geeking are you planning, if any? There are remnants of US 66 around I-40, remnants of US 80 around I-20, remnants of US 81 and other old alignments in San Antonio. The Regency bridge is well-worth a side trip: Texas' last suspension bridge that remains open to traffic.

And the barbeque in Texas is pure heaven, but that may be worth its own thread.