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Title: 'Epic' flooding on Dalton Highway
Post by: Kniwt on May 22, 2015, 11:55:20 AM
Alaska Dispatch News reports:

Unprecedented flooding continues to interfere with daily operations on the North Slope oil patch after surging waters wiped away swaths of the Dalton Highway and isolated a section of Deadhorse, the jumping-off point for the sprawling industrial region.

“This is just epic,” said Mike Coffey, commander of the unified incident command, a response team consisting of the state, the North Slope Borough and oil companies. “People who have been here for decades say they’ve never seen anything like it.”

... Viewed from the air for some 20 miles south of Deadhorse, the highway and elevated trans-Alaska pipeline appear like spines above a sea of water, with the Sagavanirktok River tumbling in white currents across sections of the highway. One section of severed road appears to stretch a half-mile long.

Title: Re: 'Epic' flooding on Dalton Highway
Post by: triplemultiplex on May 27, 2015, 05:43:02 PM
Mother Nature is trying to keep the oil in the ground.