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Title: Arizona Highways Magazine
Post by: andy3175 on August 10, 2015, 12:04:40 AM
Thought this was interesting in celebration of 90 years of Arizona Highways magazines (see http://www.arizonahighways.com/), a favorite of collectors...


Arizona Highways magazine is celebrating its 90th anniversary issue in a big way. The special issue features the best in every single issue over the past nine decades. ...

"Originally the magazine when it started in 1925 it was what we call a trade journal. It was a magazine that was done primarily for engineers. If you think about Arizona in 1925, there weren't a lot of roads," said Robert Stieve, Editor-in-Chief of Arizona Highways.

Stieve says 90 years ago, the readers consisted mostly of engineers, bridges made headlines and bulldozers were highly advertised.

"Then along came a guy named Raymond Carlson who ended up being editor for 35 years and then an art director named George Avian. They are really the founding fathers of our magazine," said Stieve. 

The new focus was showcasing Arizona, the beauty, richness and uniqueness of our state.

"The magazine was really ahead of the curve on so many things along the way, whether it was photography or even illustrations, a lot of the things we were doing."

Ansel Adams was a favorite artist often featured, as was as was Ted Degrazia.

"The magazine was actually banned in the Soviet Union in the mid 1960's and the government there really viewed this as American propaganda. They saw the photographs, especially the sunsets and thought nothing can be this beautiful, they're just glamorizing the American way of life," said Stieve. "Biggest selling issue, the turquoise issue, sold one million in 1974."