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Title: Oneonta NY Chicken Run 2016
Post by: Mapmikey on October 09, 2016, 04:54:52 PM
Due to timing of my 2016 Business trip, wrecking my car, wrecking my back, and my Norway trip, yesterday was the first opportunity this year for me to do a solo mega-daytrip.  i chose to continue my annual tradition of driving to Oneonta NY for takeout rotisserie chicken.  As always I try to work in route clinching on this journey...

The goal this time was to drive US 9 from the George Washington Bridge at NYC as far north as I could before angling back to Oneonta by 3:30 pm. 

I left Fredericksburg at 4:30 a.m. and crossed the GWB at 9.

There is no signage on the lower level GWB for how to continue on US 9 (though it does say what to do to stay on US 1).  Per GMSV the upper level does have one US 9 BGS.  It requires following signage for 178th St.  Once there, there is an error NY 9 shield to go straight on 178th (may not be visible from the upper level GWB approach), then NO signage to turn left on Broadway.  However, signage on Broadway itself after that was plentiful, albeit mostly old non-reflective shields.  There is a state-named I-87 shield on Broadway at Van Cortlandt Park (old 240th).  Per GMSV it is a recent install.

Once in Yonkers, US 9 shields disappeared until well past the city center, which is unfortunate because there is a non-obvious left angle turn near Main St and it looked like maybe I should've turned left at Main itself which would've been the wrong thing to do.  Per GMSV, southbound US 9 is posted a little better.

There were several error NY 9 shields in both directions plus I saw at least one NY 6 and NY 202 shield in their brief overlay with US 9.  In Ossining there is the oldest Dead End sign I've ever seen, which is a yellow stop sign with Dead End added to it, all in cateyes.  It was mentioned in another thread on this forum a few years ago.  GMSV - https://goo.gl/maps/zeac2Gcu4t52

I also found a 1960s vintage curve shield southeast of Albany on Duck Pond Rd off US 9 just south of I-90 Exit 12 (GMSV - https://goo.gl/maps/7LdYG7xMNZt).  Ran into an older non-reflective US 9-20 shield set (GMSV - https://goo.gl/maps/NTaNjmum2mM2).  There were some older button copy shields in both directions at NY 2 in Latham.

I was hoping to make it to at least Glens Falls, but I only got as far as Latham before deciding I was out of time.  So I drove NY 7 from Latham to Oneonta.  The ride home was my standard I-88, I-81, US 15, I-270, I-495, I-95.

If you're curious about driving US 9 out of NYC for your own clinching purposes, it didn't feel traffic clogged, but a lot of the lights were long and in Yonkers were not well timed.  It took an hour to get from GWB to I-87/287 and another hour to reach I-84.  It took 4.5 hours to reach downtown Albany.

My only actual clinch was I was missing a couple pieces of the eastern I-95 split on the NJ Turnpike.  So with that I did complete all 2di and 3di interstate mileage in NJ.  Otherwise I added a large chunk of US 9 and NY 7.  It took 18 hrs and I drove 925 miles.