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Title: Timelapse footage of my roadtrip from CT to Austin, TX
Post by: zzyzx on February 14, 2018, 03:22:51 PM
This past fall, I moved from my hometown in SE Connecticut to Austin, TX. It was my first solo road trip spanning several days and I enjoyed driving nearly all of it, with the exception of a few long desolate stretches along I-10 in Louisiana and I-65 in Alabama.

I finally went through the 2+ hours of timelapse footage and edited it with music from my favorite childhood movie, Flight of the Navigator.

I was going to put the routes I took in the description, but I figured most of you here would recognize the areas I traveled through. I stopped to see relatives who live in Western PA, which is why I took a detour on the PA Turnpike and back roads through MD and WV.

Title: Re: Timelapse footage of my roadtrip from CT to Austin, TX
Post by: kurumi on February 15, 2018, 01:14:22 AM
That soundtrack is the sweet sweet lovechild of "Danger Zone" and Dixie Dregs

First few segments:
I-95 SB, Baldwin Bridge, approaching CT 9
I-95 SB, Pearl Harbor Bridge, approaching I-91 and don't-you-dare-call-it-Route-34
I-95 SB, Stamford, approaching CT 137 NORTH
I-87 NB at I-287
Title: Re: Timelapse footage of my roadtrip from CT to Austin, TX
Post by: Henry on February 15, 2018, 10:05:39 AM
Looks like you studied FreewayJim to the letter; that was a well-put video and great choice of music!

I also noticed I-277 around Uptown Charlotte, the Downtown Connector in Atlanta, the French Quarter in New Orleans and downtown Houston, in addition to the roads mentioned above.
Title: Re: Timelapse footage of my roadtrip from CT to Austin, TX
Post by: zzyzx on February 17, 2018, 10:59:30 PM
Thanks everyone! I'm a professional video editor, so I love creating and editing these types of videos (yes, FreewayJim was my inspiration)! The GoPro has really come in handy to record my road trips.  I finally went through the footage and mapped out my route, shot-by-shot. Thanks kurumi for starting the list for me:

DAY 1:
I-95, Baldwin Bridge, Old Saybrook, CT
I-95, Pearl Harbor Bridge, New Haven, CT
I-95, Stamford, CT
I-87/287, Tappan Zee Bridge (Iím sticking with the name)
I-287 @ Exit 15, NY/NJ Line
I-78, Hamburg, PA
I-81 @ US-22, Harrisburg, PA
PA-74, Carlisle, PA
Overnight in Carlisle, PA

DAY 2:
I-76 @ US-11 Toll Plaza, Carlisle, PA
I-76 @ MM215
I-76 @ Blue Mountain Tunnel
PA 819, Mount Pleasant, PA
I-70 @ US-522, Hancock, MD (drove a whopping 2 miles in Maryland)
US-522, Berkeley Springs, WV
I-81, outside of Winchester, VA
US-33, Harrisonburg, VA
Overnight in Harrisonburg

DAY 3:
** I stopped in Natural Bridge, VA but didnít get footage driving over the bridge on US-11
I-77, Sugarloaf Mountain, VA/NC Border
I-277, Charlotte, NC
Downtown Charlotte
Me taking pictures of planes taking off from CLT
Overnight in Charlotte

DAY 4:
US 74/29, to I-85, Charlotte, NC
I-85 @ SC 291, Greenville, SC
Stop in Athens, GA
University Parkway approaching I-85, outside Atlanta, GA
I-85 @ I-285
Downtown Connector, Atlanta
I-85/75, near exits 243/242
I-85, approaching ATL (caught a plane landing @ 2:51)
Overnight in Peachtree City, GA (the AirBnb I stayed at overlooked a lake and golf course, where I captured the sunset)

DAY 5:
GA-54, Peachtree City, GA
I-85 @ I-65, Montgomery, AL
I-65 @ Mobile River Bridge, outside of Mobile, AL
I-10 @ MM66, Mississippi
I-110 @ US-90, Biloxi, MS
Stop in Biloxi Beach
I-10 over Lake Pontchartrain, approaching New Orleans, LA
Overnight in Metairie, LA

DAY 6:
I-10 approaching NOLA & French Quarter
I-10 @ MM 212
I-10 @ MM 134
I-10 @ LA-91
I-10 @ Exit 880, LA/TX border
Stopped at Texas Welcome Center
I-10, Houston, TX
Downtown Houston (love the red LED backplates on the traffic signals at 4:40)
I-10, Katy Freeway, Katy, TX
Overnight in Katy, TX

DAY 7:
SH-71 @ Bucíees, Bastrop, TX
SH-71 @ SH-130, Del Valle, TX
SH-71/US-290 @ S. Mopac Expressway, Austin, TX

Best maintained roads were in NC, despite all the construction on I-77 outside of Charlotte.

Worst maintained was Louisiana, I felt like I was driving through Bridgeport, CT again.

The PA turnpike is still my favorite scenic stretch.

Most boring stretches were I-65 in Alabama and I-10 west of Baton Rouge in LA.

Atlanta had the worse traffic, New York / CT still had the worst drivers.

Iím a big fan of the FYAs and Retroreflective backplates found mostly in VA and GA. Those 2 states seemed to have improved the most in road infrastructure.

Now that I live in Austin, Iíll have to get video driving on the 85 mph stretches of SH-130 next!