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Title: AHTD does the Chop
Post by: US71 on August 22, 2011, 09:25:55 AM
AHTD has been chopping up more state highways. The latest is AR 72 which runs from Maysville to US 62 east of Pea Ridge.

3-4 years ago, 72 was rerouted around downtown Bentonville along J street (formerly AR 112), AR 102 and Business US 71.  I noticed this weekend that WB 72 now ends at the US 71 freeway and begins again at Business 71. There are a couple scattered trailblazers, but mostly for EB traffic. 

Ideally, if Bentonville doesn't want traffic downtown, then AHTD should have rerouted 72 along US 71 south to AR 102, west to Business 71, then back north to Central Ave /AR 72. But then, AHTD doesn't like co-signing "lesser" routes with main roads.

I can understand trying to keep trucks off the downtown Square, but why not reroute 72 rather than simply deleting 3 miles of it?