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Title: Lewisville, TX: FM 3504 decomissioned
Post by: Brian556 on October 24, 2013, 02:38:23 PM
Recently I drove through old town Lewisville, and noticed that the FM 3504 signs had been removed. So I checked the TxDOT Highway Designation Files, and sure enough, it was decommissioned back in 2012.

All signs in Old Town have been removed. This may have been done by the city because they have been doing a lot of sign work in that area lately.
The signs on the southern end are still in place. The reassurance sign is HIP and relatively new.

Ever since the decommissioning of FM 1171 E of I-35E in 2002, I've always thought it would make sense to decommission FM 3504 also.

(http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc395/Brian5561/102413001_zpsd2fff9ba.jpg) (http://s1209.photobucket.com/user/Brian5561/media/102413001_zpsd2fff9ba.jpg.html)