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Title: TX most congested hwys
Post by: allniter89 on August 14, 2015, 04:47:32 PM

From 15 choices
Houston 7
Austin    5
Dallas     3

From my driving expierence
Houston is a mess practically anytime during normal business hours :banghead: I HATE Houston, between the Mexicans that dont read or understand English or just dont care to the local idiots that drive 80mph in heavy rain or take an exit from the far inside lane 500' before the ramp its a circus. I've gone out of my way on 2 lane roads just to avoid the aggravation...grrr
Austin. I dont have much expierence other than I 35 but it doesnt take much to screw up traffic quickly, at least they have a 2 level roadway tho sometimes it doesnt help.
Dallas. I would have thought Dallas would have near as many as Houston. Dallas can also be a mess 24/7.