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Title: N. Central KY to Sedona, AZ to Arches NP, UT and back
Post by: Windfarmer on September 25, 2016, 10:28:48 PM
This thread is work in progress. Please do not bother me about it until I finish it.

This was a 6 day trip spanning 15 states.We have gone through many major cities.

Day 1: started trip down US 27 (like always), going down New Circle Road to US 60, then the Blue Grass Parkway near the city of Versailles. We then reached Elizabethtown, briefly travelling on I-65, then getting on to the Western Kentucky Parkway. We were on the W. KY Pkwy. and reached I-69, in which we travelled south.
Tennessee (Day 1): As soon as we hit the Tennessee line, the roads went from high-quality to rough crap. The roads were a weird rust red, with varying sections of expressway and freeway (I don't use the terms interchangeably). We then got on Interstate 555 (?), which then led us to I-40 and our first major city, Little Rock, AR.
Arkansas (Day 1): We were on I-555 for a brief peroid, in which nothing reallu happened. We then got on I-40 and got to Jonesboro. Nothing much happened until we got to Little Rock, and got a hotel there.

Day 2: Arkansas (Day 2): When we woke up that morning, we then hurried up with a small breakfast and ran. When we got back on I-40, we decided to gear a bigger breakfast at a Waffle House in a town west of Little Rock. We were on I-40 and not much happened until we got to Oklahoma City.