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Title: TX to fund $60 mil for western cities' road projects
Post by: txstateends on October 03, 2011, 04:47:10 PM

According to the writer of the article, the funding won't occur until next summer, so no real specifics on any of the projects mentioned in the article, but one will involve finally widening the SE part of Amarillo's Loop 335 to 4 lanes and adding overpasses.  It won't be known till time for the funding whether "overpasses" means putting just the twin bridges over the BNSF track between Georgia and Washington, as well as at the Osage and Washington exits (making those full exits instead of just super-2s), or additionally putting in overpasses at Georgia and at Western (needed badly), and even some help around the Randall High School area east of I-27.  There's also no word yet of a timetable for construction and completion of any of the projects.  When this work is completed, all of Loop 335 will be at least 4-lane with the exception of the NW part.