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Author Topic: 60% support for toll express lanes network in Washington DC metro area  (Read 1329 times)


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TOLLROADSnews: 60% support for toll express lanes network in Washington DC metro area, 10% for VMT fees

2013-09-13: Toll express lanes on all major highways get 60% public support versus 10% for a vehicle-miles charge among 300 people who participated in a bunch of five-hour moderated small group discussions (called 'deliberative forums') of alternative ways of dealing with traffic congestion in the Washington DC metro area. A new report by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (MWCOG) finds that support for a toll managed lanes network grows somewhat the more it is discussed, whereas a vehicle-miles travelled charge loses support after discussion.

A third alternative - a congestion charge for entry to central zones - had 50% support and 34% opposition. Even supporters thought it wouldn't help much in relieving congestion. Vehicle-miles charges were seen by the vast majority as intrusive, ineffectual against congestion, and difficult to enforce.
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