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Author Topic: "Future AZ 24" Signs Popping Up In Mesa  (Read 8431 times)

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Re: "Future AZ 24" Signs Popping Up In Mesa
« Reply #25 on: November 05, 2016, 10:36:27 PM »

Like I said, I don't think it's related to the mileage to the border at all. Exit 100 is Buckeye Rd, which is the furthest south that the 303 has been confirmed. Nobody knows exactly what's going to happen with I-11 or the Hassayampa Freeway that is in the long-term plans and exactly where those will end up, and in turn where the 303 will exactly end up. I think they just started at 100 at Buckeye because that's a nice, round number to start at for the confirmed route. The only way they could have handled it differently is if they started at Mile 1 at I-17, then moved North-To-South, reverse of the conventional method. The northern end has a defined end point, while the southern end doesn't, so I really don't know how else ADOT could have handled it.

Viewed Loop 303 / Interstate 10 stack construction earlier this week.   Falsework was supporting the west to south, and south to west flyovers.  Box Beam construction.   Appears that full freeway will continue south of I-10.  A friend I have there stated Goodyear residents in the Estrella area are gearing up to fight it's southward extension.

That is exactly why that should the 9th Circuit rule in favor of ADOT, the state legislature should introduce legislation to preempt lawsuits against any future road projects.


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