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Author Topic: 1930 TxDOT Maps of North Texas (TxDOT Districts 2 & 18)  (Read 1435 times)


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1930 TxDOT Maps of North Texas (TxDOT Districts 2 & 18)
« on: May 17, 2014, 12:48:03 PM »

These are copies that I ordered from the Texas State Library.

District 18:

District 2:

Items to note:

1.There are no US Highways Shown on these maps.

2.The route of SH 15 (US 80) at Mesquite is surprising. I always thought that it would have followed SH 352 before being relocated to the north. It looks like that diagonal section must have used Gross Rd. Does anybody know of any other maps that show this?

3.SH 40 going north out of Gainesville appears to use Clements St/CR 135. This is what I have long suspected.

4. SH 116 (now 289) is shown to have entered Gunter from the south on the west side of the railroad. I don't really see any evidence of this on Google Satellite View.

5. The proposed routing of SH 121 at Lewisville is different that what was built. it's interesting that this road was designated proposed for so long before finally being constructed in the early 50's

6. SH 10 (now FM 428) between Denton and Aubrey does not look right. A 1922 Denton County Soil Map shows it using Stuart Rd, Long Rd, and probably Elm Bottom Cir (this maps shows roads only, no names or designations). A 1925 Denton County geology map show it like it is today, so this is a little odd.
What is shown does not really line up with any possibilities, especially since the Elm Fork Trinity River bridge on the route was built in 1922, and the route shown would have had to have passed south of it, which really isn't logical.

7.SH 39 west of Denton is goofy. It goes logic and knowledge from other sources. To my knowledge, it headed west on Jim Cristal Rd, through the RR underpass, SOUTH on what is now FM 156 on the west side of the RR, then west on Old Stoney Rd (which is called "Old Decatur Rd", BTW, on other old maps), north on FM 2622, and west on George Foster Rd.

This map shows it jogging NORTH on the west side of the RR tracks. This jog also appears on Texas maps from this time period.

This maps shows the route as I believe it to have been:



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