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Author Topic: 19 hr U-turn to Ohio  (Read 1164 times)


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19 hr U-turn to Ohio
« on: May 25, 2014, 12:15:49 PM »

Yesterday I headed out on a quest to complete US 322, western US 422, and I-77 nationally...

At 3:45 a.m. on a Saturday it is easy and recommended to use I-95, I-495, and I-270 to Frederick, MD. 

I used I-70 to Breezewood.  There are still original button copy signs with US 30 in text at Exit 149 on I-70 WB.  There are also 3 I-70 state-named shields on US 30 EB in Breezewood.

I used US 30 to Bedford, with a quick detour to clinch US 30 Business through Everett.  Then I used I-99.  There is a well-signed PA 867 Truck that uses I-99 from Exit 7 to Exit 23 and looking at a map you can see that this truck route bypasses mainline PA 867 in its entirety.

Because I hadn't driven any of US 322 west of I-99, I had to go north past it and turn around at the next exit 6 miles away to drive US 322's actual path which has no direct ramp from I-99 NB to US 322 WB.  An aggravating 10 minute detour.

US 322 west across Pennsylvania from I-99 is not very bad.  Lots of 55 mph zones.  I also spotted a PA 410 truck which follows US 219 south and from there I don't know.  The towns of Clarion and Franklin seemed especially nice looking with vibrant downtown areas.  I also drove by the Meadville PennDOT yard with all the highway signs repurposed as art.  Creative and neat looking...

US 322 in Ohio is mostly very straight and not too bad until you reach Chesterland after which it was slow.  Further delaying was an accident where a vehicle crashed into a building and they are also tearing up US 322 in Cleveland Heights and also west of I-90.  US 322 passes through Cleveland's Little Italy which was bustling and smelled delicious.  Cleveland is also removing blocks of what I assume were blighted neighborhoods.  US 322 is very well posted on its turns in Cleveland, even on its US 6 duplex to the last.  You can't turn left onto US 422 from WB US 6-322 so you turn right 2 blocks later and loop around to Ontario St.

I followed US 422 to E. 55th St.  11 years ago I made a mistake with US 422 which left me without the piece between the two I-77 interchanges.  So I had to go back and get the 3600 ft I was missing.  I used E. 55th to I-490 to I-77 south.  There is a lot of construction in Cleveland and some interstate movements are closed (490 WB to 77 NB and 77 SB to 480 WB for sure).

I-77 south was uneventful though there are a few short stretches where the lanes split to accommodate bridge construction.

I thought it would be neat to drive OH 821 as I already had I-77 below I-70 and this was once US 21.  It is a pretty neat road but it has large sections of sharpish curves and reduced travel speeds.  It probably took 3 times as long as if I had stayed on I-77.

I followed US 50 to WV 24 to US 219 to WV 32 to WV 93 to US 48.  US 50 east of Grafton is in terrible physical shape...they had a terrible winter...so many holes and ruts that some sections appeared to have no striping at all.  WV 24 is a terrific road.  US 48 construction is now visibly apparent along all of WV 93 starting just outside Davis.  The US 48 bridge near the dam looks impressive.  It was nice to have US 48 now open to avoid the WV 42-93 duplex and its mountainous section.

Nothing of note getting back to Fredericksburg.  US 48 being essentially empty is not news...

PA - US 30 Bus (Everett), US 322
OH - I-77, US 322, US 422, OH 821
WV - US 48 (again), US 50, WV 24

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