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--- Quote from: Truvelo on December 30, 2018, 05:05:16 PM ---I've been going to Springfield annually since 2006 and have noticed an increase in the amount of six lanes each time I go. Unfortunately it will almost certainly mean the death of the remaining button copy BGS's.

I have a question about the US 68 bridges. At present they each provide three lanes and a shoulder because of the weaving section. How is the widening here going to be achieved? I assume the existing bridges will be rebuilt to each take four lanes and a shoulder and retaining the weaving section as I've never experienced major weaving issues here. However I would consider a different approach. Keep the existing bridges as they are and build new bridges alongside them as part of C/D roads. This would move the weaving section from the main I-70 lanes and would be a better long term prospect should turning movements at this junction increase in the future.

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My guess is ODOT will just widen the existing bridges in the median. Reconfiguring the interchange would normally be done as part of its own separate project. Just building C-D lanes here would be problematic since it would reduce the radius of the loop ramps.

The new I-90/OH 2 bridges from OH 57 west to the 90/2 split are now done and open. Now they're working on the flyover bridge at the split itself.


Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Don't get your hopes up too high...

Hot Rod Hootenanny:
ODOT all of sudden looks like PennDOT, when it comes to funding.
(bottom half of article has nothing to do with roads & funding)


--- Quote from: Buck87 on May 17, 2017, 10:14:06 PM ---And in other news on this corridor, there hasn't been any progress on adding exit numbers to OH 2 in over a year. The exit numbering, (which also includes median mile markers every 0.2 miles) still stops at OH 61, with only the westbound set of BGS for that exit having exit number tabs. The rest of the exits in Erie County around Huron and Sandusky remain unnumbered, however, once you cross into Ottawa County (which is also crossing into a different ODOT district) there are exit numbers in place for remainder of the freeway, although without median mile markers.

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Update on OH 2 exit numbers in Erie County:

US 250 is now exit 138 and OH 4 is now exit 134.

There are new numbered exit signs at the gores, and what I think are just new exit tabs added to the existings big green signs. There are currently no median mile markers. Those were the only 2 exits I saw today, so I'm not sure if the rest of the previously unnumbered exits in Erie County have been updated as well, but I'd be surprised if the ones around Huron haven't, since the progress on this has moved east to west in the past.


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