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Author Topic: Dallas, TX: New I-30 Trinity River Bridge Has Structural Problems  (Read 385 times)


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Just heard this on the news this morning. The new bridge has structural problems due to an engineering error, and they cannot open the pedestrian walkways until it is fixed

It says the problem is with the support rods. It says three have actually failed It says there is an issue with vibration. The odd thing is that TxDOT says its the city's responsibility to get this fixed


Another issue is that the name if this bridge is the Margaret McDermott Bridge, with is incredibly similar to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, which is the next bridge north of this one. This could easily lead to confusion, which could hinder emergency response if somebody calls 911 to report an emergency, and accidentally says the wrong name. This is a public safety issue, and whomever allowed this to occur in my opinion is a fool.


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