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Author Topic: Other map company road atlas oddities and errors  (Read 3395 times)


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Other map company road atlas oddities and errors
« on: February 13, 2009, 02:27:48 AM »

Since we have the Rand McNally road atlas oddities thread I wanted to begin a new one dedicated to all the other map companies out their that produce road atlases (or try to anyway).  For some comic relief, check out some of the Universal Map 2009 (most of the time referred to as UCrap) Road Atlas oddities:

- Corridor X (U.S. 78 and Future Interstate 22) is already shown as complete to U.S. 31 north of Birmingham.  The rest of the future interstate is not scheduled to be completed until 2010.

- The Fort Myers, FL inset only has three shields for the whole inset!!  And for the 2008 version, there were none!!!!

- The Kentucky page shows an alignment (straight line at that) for proposed Interstate 66 from Interstate 24 in western Kentucky to Interstate 57 in Missouri.  Who knows if this is indeed the final alignment.  And more than that, who knows when the proposed route will even be built!!  Another side note about this oddity, their large print atlas shows a proposed eastern alignment but not this western one...

- Interstate 595 is alive and shown on the Maryland page and also in the Annapolis inset!!!

- U.S. 49 in Mississippi has had a child, in the name of U.S. 149.  The bastard child follows the former U.S. 49W alignment northwest of Yazoo City to Silver City where it meets back up with it's parent.

- According to the Montana page, Wyoming has gained a child of U.S. 12 in the form of U.S. 112, located in the northeast corner of Wyoming and stretching into the extreme southeast corner of Montana where it meets its older sibling, U.S. 212.

And we thought the U.S. highway system was done producing... :no:

- One thing that UCrap does show that is cool is the unsigned Interstate 315 in the Great Falls, MT inset.  Of course the only reason they show it is because AAA did show it at one time and when one map company carbon copies from another map company things like that happen...

- The Las Vegas Strip inset shows casinos that haven't been in existence for years.  The Westward Ho closed its doors on November 15, 2005.  The Star Dust casino was imploded on March 13, 2007.  The Holiday Inn Boardwalk casino and hotel was torn down a few years ago to make room for CityCenter.  Aladdin has change over to Planet Hollywood.  And that's just for the points of interest.  They show a shield on Las Vegas Boulevard for unsigned Nevada 604. I could go on but will stop on this inset for now.

- The El Paso, TX inset is on the New Mexico page, just as in the AAA road atlas...And like unsigned Interstate 315 in Montana, they show the unsigned Interstate 110 (which I will say is cool, but still an oddity).

- On the southeastern New York page the Harlem River Drive is still shown as under construction, even though in reality it has been open since like the 1940's...

- Interstate 105 is shown on Interstate 5's alignment on the Oregon page.

- Those in PA have finally gotten their wish of an Interstate 283 extension southeast of Interstate 76!!!  According to UCrap, it does exist...

- Interstate 195 in the Providence inset shows both the new alignment and the old alignment, so I guess motorists can take their pick on which route they want to take...

- The interchange numbers for Interstate 26 still reflect those of former Interstate 181 on the Tennessee page.

- U.S. 127 has been mysteriously extended south of its current terminus at U.S. 27 according to the Chattanooga inset...

- Another of my favorite oddities in the UCrap 2009 road atlas is the use of a Business I-20 shield in the Waco, TX inset... :eyebrow:

- The Legacy Parkway is completely missing from the Utah page.

- Another favorite, Interstate 289 exists in Vermont...(actually another "cool" error)

- TOLL U.S. 76 exists on the southside of Richmond, VA on the state page...

- The Smart Road near Blacksburg, VA is shown as a freeway and complete between U.S. 460 and Interstate 81.  This road will not become part of Interstate 73 for several years and is currently not open to the public, as it is still being utilized for various road tests.

- On the Wyoming page, the U.S. 112 that was shown in Montana has been reduced to state road status in exchange for an apparent southern extension of Interstate 84 in Utah south of its current terminus with Interstate 80...And we have yet another multiplex interstate and U.S. highway with the same number, 25!!!  U.S. 25 has a brief stint on Interstate 25 between exits 111 and 126.

- And last but not least, on the Ontario page we have our first Interstate 3 shield located on the New York side running tandem with NY 132.  It's further north than its original planned route (Savannah, GA to Knoxville, TN), but hey, it's a new interstate number, right?

You can thank the UCrap research, production and edit departments for their extra hard work on turning a Universal Map map into a Universal Crap map!!!

So, of all the maps from other companies besides Rand that you own, how many other oddities and errors can we come up with?  Share them here!!!



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Re: Other map company road atlas oddities and errors
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2009, 10:12:15 AM »

I got some atlas from a company called the Lawrence Group. Among the highlights were an inset somewhere in the midwest (I dont remember where), where all the colors were really screwed up. A red interstate shield, now that is cool. I still have it lying about 20 feet away from me; I'll edit some more in later.
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Re: Other map company road atlas oddities and errors
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2009, 10:15:24 AM »

MapArt (Canada's map brand) still shows the new Shabaqua Highway under construction in their 2008 atlas when it was opened in 2007.
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Re: Other map company road atlas oddities and errors
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2009, 08:01:56 PM »

The latest MapWorks atlas for Rochester, NY doesn't show the correct alignments for Latta Rd and Stutson St.  This is really odd since it was correct in a prior edition.  They otherwise have very good coverage.

And TeleAtlas STILL hasn't updated the I-86 and US 15 interchange.
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