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Author Topic: US 71 freeway in Texas?  (Read 1436 times)


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US 71 freeway in Texas?
« on: July 09, 2012, 08:36:05 PM »


From the US 71 Highway Designation File:

From the Texas/Arkansas S/L north of Texarkana, southward and concurrent with US 59 to IH 30; and then continuing southward on State Line Road to its junction with US 67/US 82, a distance of approximately 8.4 miles; and also on new location from the Texas/Arkansas S/L, northwest of Texarkana, southeastward to the intersection of IH 30/US 59; then southward and concurrent with US 59 to SH 93/SL 151; then southward, eastward and concurrent with SL 151 to State Line Road, a total distance of approximately 24.6 miles. (Bowie County)  (New Description)  Section on new location added from the Texas/Arkansas State Line, northwest of Texarkana, southeastward to State Line Rd in south Texarkana.  Upon completion of the new location of US 71, the present designation of US 71 north of Texarkana, from the Texas/Arkansas State Line southward to IH 30 will be cancelled and retained as US 59; the present designation of US 71, from IH 30 southward to its junction with US 67/US 82 will be cancelled and redesignated in conjunction and cooperation with the State of Arkansas; the present designation of SL 151, from US 59.eastward to State Line Road will be cancelled and retained as US 71.

This seems to indicate that a new US 71 freeway would begin between Texarkana and the Red River and meet up at the I-30/US 59 interchange, follow 59 and Loop 151 back into Arkansas.  And the odd part is that US 59 would stay on the State Line Road alignment.  This is the only place I've ever read about making the western part of the loop US 71.  It might be part of the I-69 spur one day, but US 71?  Of course, now that I-49 is being built, US 71 will likely remain on its current alignment through Texarkana indefinitely.
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Re: US 71 freeway in Texas?
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2012, 02:44:13 AM »

It's funny but the original path of the north loop was to connect with the 59/I-30 interchange, then it was scrapped in favor of the north loop interchange being in the Hooks/Red Lick vacinity. Are they now wanting to go back to the original plan? It seems to late for that now since much development has taken place all around the 59/I-30 interchange area.
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