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List of Projects for the April 26, 2019 Letting is up.

* Item 1X is replacement of the EB US 150 bridge over the Illinois River
* Item 5 puts a traffic signal at the IL 57 intersection with Main Street north of I-88, along with a couple bridge replacements
* Item 13 has repairs to the Brandon Road drawbridge in Joliet
* Item 15 removes the traffic signal at the IL 53/Walter Strawn intersections near Elwood, along with other pavement removal
* Item 105 is a rebid of Kane County's flashing yellow arrow project (covering the southern portion of the county) from January
* Item 138 is intersection improvements at the 75 Street/Naper Boulevard intersection
* Item 139 is intersection improvements to the US 52/Gougar Road intersection in Mahattan
* Item 155 is intersection improvements to the Pulaski Road intersection with 183rd Street in Country Club Hills
* Item 156 reconstructs Weiland Road in Lake County from Deerfield Road to Lake Cook Road
* Item 159 reconstructs Woodfield Road in Schaumburg from Martingale Road to the east frontage road for I-290
* Item 160 reconstructs Woodfield Road in Schaumburg from Meacham Road to Martingale Road
* Item 168 reconstructs the Rodeo Drive/Kings Road intersection in Bolingbrook


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--- Quote from: ilpt4u on February 01, 2019, 08:27:24 PM ---Item 43: Is IDOT expecting more traffic at the Civilian/Commercial Terminal of BLV/Scott AFB/Mid-America Airport?

The area at that interchange is not that built up. But if IDOT wants a light...

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I think there's a decent amount of left-turning thru traffic coming from the north. Google Maps sends travelers down IL 4 as an outer bypass of St. Louis for traffic between I-55 and I-64, presumably because it only passes through one town and doesn't go very far west. Good way to get between Springfield (and points north/west) and Mt. Vernon (and points southeast).

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I have used IL 4 between I-55 and I-64 plenty of times. The road handles the traffic. I also think the interchanges of IL 4 with I-55, I-70, and I-64 are ok without lights. Heck, Indiana style traffic circles would be better than sitting at a worthless red light, when no other traffic is around

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3 gas stations, one a travel center that handles trucks.

1 new hotel and 2 apartment complexes, all on the north side of I-64.

There are quite a few coal mine workers who live south of Springfield who have been relocated to Ziegler and Prairie State. IL-4 is the most direct route.


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