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Author Topic: How would the 1971 planned D.C. Interstate network have actually functioned?  (Read 13003 times)


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Quote from: D-Dey
Quote from: PColumbus
Either way, I think that DC is better off now than it would have been if the freeway plan were fully developed. Had the freeway system been built, then I think that traffic problems in the District would be worse, mixing freeways with DC's road network would be a mess.

Every driving experience I've had in the DC area clearly proves otherwise.

The only way your idea would be the case, D-Dey, is in a no-growth, no-inducement scenario.  History and reality have proven that such a scenario really doesn't exist.

Quote from: ERIC
I wonder how the planned DC system would work if built today as a network of 4 lane HOT facilities.

Would likely have an insanely high toll and earn the moniker of "Lexus Lanes" used elsewhere…


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Would likely have an insanely high toll and earn the moniker of "Lexus Lanes" used elsewhere…

We may yet find out.  In particular, if D.C. wants to toll the four-lane section of D.C. 295, where demand during peak commute times and frequently on weekends is far above capacity.
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It would have been a lot better had they built it out this way:

By failing to have any interstate actually run THROUGH the city as I-95 would, congestion was increased on the capital beltway.
Moreover, not building I-266/I70S made it much harder to get into DC, which if built, would have increased the accessibility/attractivness of DC vs. the Beltway for business.

Also, most of I-66 in DC and I-95 would have been tunnels or cut and cover, minimally disrupting the neighborhoods.
This was short sided and is a big reason why the area has such bad traffic.


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