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Author Topic: Bentonville Traffic Study Targets Troubled Intersections  (Read 1378 times)


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Bentonville Traffic Study Targets Troubled Intersections
« on: February 26, 2014, 03:05:21 AM »


For some reason, KNWA doesn't like my comment.  I'll post it here...

Improvements are definitely needed, not only in Bentonville, but all of NW Arkansas. I applaud Bentonville for taking a big step and performing the study… I hope Rogers, Springdale, and Fayetteville will follow suit.

The cities, counties, and AHTD need to have better coordination, and be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE, in the future.

Being proactive includes establishing corridors/arterials, and preserving right-of-way for future expansion and improvements. Will this intersection need dual left turn lanes? Will this intersection need to be converted to a grade-separated interchange (Yes, interchanges exist outside of

These corridors/arterials need to have access management (raised medians, limited driveways, no center 2-way left turn lane, etc), along
with sidewalks/multi-use paths, bike lanes, and street lights. This will encourage pedestrian and bicycle travel, taking cars off of the road, while greatly improving safety for all modes of safety.

The problem with this area is there are so many different
jurisdictions… and as more subdivisions are built without regard to the local
and regional transportation system, this is going to become a much larger
program. Coordination is KEY.

Specifically for Bentonville, currently, I fear not much can
be done, because like most NW AR cities, development has been built up too
much, right up to the street.

Walton Blvd and 14th Street/AR 102 need access management. Both corridors need to be
widened to 3 lanes in each direction with a raised median, and access/U-turns
at specific intersections (Yes, it’s possible). However, this will be difficult with development along the roads, but it’s possible.

I’ve never encountered a state DOT like AHTD. The coordination is just awful. AHTD has been famous for providing the “bare minimum”. I haven’t figured out if this is AHTD or the
MPO here: http://nwarpc.org/.

The best thing Bentonville can do, is install right turn
lanes, dual left turn lanes at major intersections, and install a traffic
signal system along Walton and along 14th. The Rainbow Curve area needs to be overhauled. A simple grade separated interchange would be great... but again, too much development. Traffic counts at 14th & Walton, from an engineers POV, would warrant a simple interchange... but again development has been too rapid.

The city of Bentonville hopes the future 8th Street interchange will fix the traffic problems along 14th Street (and Hudson Road in Rogers) at Exit 86 on I-540. AHTD handed this area over to the city of Bentonville. It won't... It will help the westside of I-540 at Exit 86, but not the east side (by NWACC). Another reason why AHTD is poorly run.


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