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Author Topic: Indiana Toll Road Owner Files for Chapter 11  (Read 30449 times)


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Re: Indiana Toll Road Owner Files for Chapter 11
« Reply #100 on: August 30, 2019, 12:25:08 PM »


I just took the ITR this weekend for the first time in awhile.  Not only were the rest areas bad, but the road absolutely stinks and the signage all looked weather beaten and worn.  And the gas prices are ridiculous.  In comparison the Ohio Turnpike and Illinois's toll road were much nicer facilities.

My guess is that the state doesn't care all that much because most the ITR doesn't carry a great deal of local traffic and seemingly a lower percentage of in-state residence than I saw in Illinois or Ohio.

If people really wanted to avoid the ITR, there are alternatives via Michigan, particularly I-94 --> US-12 --> M-66 --> I-80/I-90.

Yes, you still eventually hit the ITR, but you'll avoid most of the road, and only have to deal with the nonsense of the ITR for approx. 25 miles instead of approx. 125 miles.

EDIT: Just did a Gary-Toledo search on Google Maps. I-94 to US-12 to M-66 to I-80/I-90 adds only 7 miles, compared to I-80/I-90. In comparison to I-94 to US-23, which adds a solid 50 miles.
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