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--- Quote from: froggie on October 07, 2009, 05:57:40 AM ---

--- Quote ---oh sweet Jesus, don't talk to me about Derby Line (the I-91 terminus).
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Why not?  Only took me 5 minutes last time I went through...

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i remember THAT LJ post....Jake had a HELLUVA time that day....but i'll let him tell THAT tale (it is too strange for school, as Hadji would say)

here in Ohio, there arent any interstates that end ina  military base...but there is an exit (15) off I-675 that allows you to exit at Col. Glenn Hwy before you run into the nice guards at Wright Field...and just up the road, Ohio 844 ends just before it crosses into Wright-Patt's main area (the route technically ends at the OH 444 exit, but the road itself continues on for another thousand feet or so to the gates...

Hot Rod Hootenanny:
When I did my first "Southern" roadtrip 10 years ago, I absentmindedly decided to follow MS 32 east from US 61 in Shelby over to US 49(W).  I say absentmindedly for two reasons; first MS 32 doesn't really exist between US 61 & 49(W), second, I "stumbled" onto the "back" entrance to Parchman Farms, aka Mississippi State Prison.
Anyways, I came upon the gate to Parchman and I was going to turn around and go back to Shelby.  The guard there stopped me (Why would some whiteboy, with out-of-state plates be making a U-turn in the middle-of-nowhere).  I used my favorite excuse when stopped (school project, at that time Ohio St.), and the guard decided that I was harmless enough to let me drive through Parchman Farms.  Just don't stop till you get to the front gate and don't speed.

So while MS 32 isn't technically a restricted highway, you can (if you play your cards right), drive through restricted space in Mississippi.

AL 255 ends at Redstone Arsenal Gate 9.  There are a couple state highways that end at gates into Fort Rucker.

I believe DE 10 ends at the North Gate of Dover Air Force Base at the junction of US 113 aka Bay Rd and DE 10.
It appears FL 397 runs thru Eglin AFB (marked as Eglin Blvd on EAFB) via the North Gate in Valparaiso and the Main Gate near the FL 189/FL85 jct.
It also appears FL 189 ends at the Main Gate of Eglin AFB.


--- Quote from: deathtopumpkins on October 06, 2009, 10:18:52 PM ---I think there are some local VA and US highways that enter military bases, but I'm not sure. Namely VA-278 (Langley AFB) and US-258 (Ft. Monroe). On VA-278, there is an intersection you can turn around in RIGHT in front of the gate, but US-258 has a bridge leading to the gate, so I haven't ventured out there yet, as I don't particularly feel like an interrogation.  :rolleyes:

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I can't imagine what VA 143's northern end must be like. I've gone up there to try to take photos of its northern terminus, then changed my mind each time because I don't exactly want to invoke the wrath of the CIA. The advance end signage at VA 132 is enough for me. :p


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