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Author Topic: thinking about charter schools - is it worth it?  (Read 1004 times)


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thinking about charter schools - is it worth it?
« on: March 15, 2016, 08:09:55 PM »

We know the absolute black eye that is our education system. Apparently charter schools fix that, and it's all free. The media believes it, books do, and even sites have popped up about them. But considering what I've seen so far, is this worth the bang for my buck to abandon a public school?

They all seem like a social experiment.

For example, a charter school in Hawaii (this is misspelled, I know, for the 'okina) studies biology with no ceiling, with the trees, ocean, and the sky around them. Another uses technology to convey information. Another does that in a building and at home.

It seems like isolation.

But are these all lies, or have we found the solution to our education system?
(I know the trolls are gonna come first. I don't care.)

Articles used to organize information:
http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2010/11/11/myth-charter-schools/ (might be a paywall, I'll see if I can't find another article to change this)
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Re: thinking about charter schools - is it worth it?
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2016, 11:15:19 AM »

I didn't go to a charter school per se, but I did go to a special high school home to a bunch of nerds (yes I'm a nerd). School feels so much better socially when there are like-minded people around you.  Therefore, if you're a smart, driven, nerdy person and you go to a school where the people are smarter, more driven, and more nerdy, your overall outlook will be much better.  It's easier to make friends and enjoy yourself in a community where others are like you; I can tell you this from experience.  I've seen some of your posts in the "mental illness" thread, and I couldn't recommend it enough for you to find others like you.  You'll learn that you aren't so strange, and that there are communities out there where you really do fit in!  And of course, it's a good thing to try and get ahead with your education.  It can really pay off later in life if you stay dedicated to that kind of success until adulthood.  And with that being said, you're not going to magically grab a new group of friends in any new school; you still have to work toward being friendly and putting yourself out there.  But I would say it's more promising when you find others who also have unique interests and have things in common with you.  It worked for me!
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