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Author Topic: My big 2017 roadtrip(??)  (Read 1102 times)


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My big 2017 roadtrip(??)
« on: August 20, 2016, 05:44:22 PM »

Well, I'll say this: This might happen. This might not. There's no promises because of needing the money to do these things.

This is my big 2017 roadtrip to Toronto and Montreal. This is the biggest roadtrip I've ever done (and no, flying to the Netherlands and not really driving does not count as a big roadtrip). This will be two weeks long. Also, why does it cost $110 to renew a book (ok, fine, they're passports that have been expired for at least ten years.)?

Here's a rough plan I sketched out:

Start: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
End: Newmarket, Ontario
Route: US 30 - US 522 - US 22 - I-99 - PA 350 - US 322 - PA 970 - I-80 - PA 153 - US 219 - US 6 - US 62 - NY 60 - I-86 - US 219 (New York) - I-90 - I-190 - Peace Bridge - Queen Elizabeth Way (SIDETRIP: Red Hill Valley Parkway - "The Linc" - Highway 403) - Gardiner Expressway - Don Valley Parkway - Highway 404

Alternative Border Crossing Routes:
I-190 (clinch) - Lewiston Queenston Bridge - Highway 405 - QEW
I-190 - US 62 (Niagara Falls) - Rainbow Bridge - RR 420 - Highway 420 - QEW

Thoughts: I'll need to check which border crossing has the shortest wait times and try to get there before lines fill up. I just took this route because we have some extra time and I've never been to Allegheny National Forest. I also wanted to explore some of Western New York too, so that's my chance.

DAY 2:
Start: Newmarket, Ontario
1st Destination: Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
2nd Destination: Toronto, Ontario
End: Newmarket, Ontario

Route: Highway 400 - Highway 401 - Highway 409 - Highway 427 - Highway 401 (Mississauga) - Highway 8 - Explore Kitchener-Waterloo - Highway 7 - Highway 6 - Highway 401 - Allen Road - Surface streets to Downtown - Black Creek Drive - Highway 400

Thoughts: What's wrong with visiting a university at least four years early? Nothing wrong with that, right? Really I just wanted to see if I could do some easy clinches and maybe have lunch in KW. Then drive down to Toronto and check out Dundas Square, the CN Tower and CBC Museum, and the PATH network. Dinner in Toronto, back to the hotel.

Will later update this once I find more things to do.
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