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Author Topic: Future Interstate 587 (Zebulon-Greenville)  (Read 111434 times)

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Re: Future Interstate 587 (Zebulon-Greenville)
« Reply #575 on: October 28, 2022, 09:05:33 PM »

Kenly is a weird choice because it is not on I-795 and at population 1491 it is not a major destination. If we need to have a small burg on the sign, Fremont has population 1196 and it actually is on I-795, halfway to Goldsboro.

Let me restate my position a different way.  Instead of Exit 43B being the Kenly exit on I-795, perhaps it should be changed to the Lucama exit (which is much closer).  But it is not like through traffic to southbound US-301 using Exit 43 shouldn't have a destination whatsoever.  Before I-795 was constructed, this exit (whatever exit number it might have had) was posted for Wilson and Kenly, which made more sense back then.

Westbound Exit 43 is marked for US-301 (to I-795) to Wilson and Kenly.  But the opposing eastbound Exit 43B is marked for South US-301 with no destination, because you were supposed to use Exit 43C.  You could also make an argument that you were supposed to get off of US-264 eastbound onto I-95 to get to Kenly (instead of staying on I-795/I-587), but then should NCDOT turn the I-95 southbound exit into the Kenly exit?  The way it is marked right now, the entirety of all of offramps for Exit 43 get posted for both Wilson (northbound destination) and Kenly (southbound destination), plus you get the Control City of Goldsboro posted for I-795.  (Which, by the way, is not shown on westbound Exit 43.  Ouch!).

Sorry for the rant, but when you get lucky enough to end up with a shortcut on a new route, your DOT should be kind enough to sign it as such.


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Re: Future Interstate 587 (Zebulon-Greenville)
« Reply #576 on: November 04, 2022, 12:57:34 PM »

NCDOT awarded a contract to resurface I-587 in Wilson County between NC-58 and the Greene County line. Bridge preservation work is also included in the contract.

Work can begin next month, and is expected to be finished by summer 2024.

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Re: Future Interstate 587 (Zebulon-Greenville)
« Reply #577 on: November 04, 2022, 09:49:11 PM »

I've posted photos I took last month of the new I-587 milepost exit numbers placed along US 264 West between I-95 and US 64, starting with those for US 264 Alt.:

The rest are at: https://malmeroads.net/ncfutints/fut587.html#futsigns

The complete set of photos taken along I-587 east of I-95 is also available at:


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