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Author Topic: 2009-2011 Oregon Highway Map  (Read 4719 times)


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2009-2011 Oregon Highway Map
« on: November 14, 2009, 05:51:54 PM »

Just picked up the new edition of the Oregon state highway map today at the visitor info center in the Woodburn Outlet Mall.  Some observations:

- a little different look.  It seems to me like they changed fonts and shades of colors.

- a few of the new state routes appear for the first time: 501, 260, 273, 281, 282, 528 (Eugene inset).

- however, some of the new state routes show up on the map which as far as I know are not yet signed in the field (as of this past summer): 130, 540, 350

- and a few routes which are signed (some fairly poorly) aren't on the map: 422, 380, 293, 551.  Lack of space explains a couple of these.

- the weirdest is that the Historic Columbia River Highway is signed as OR 100 on the main map (but not the Portland inset).  That is its hidden Highway #, but as far as I know, this route designation has never been approved for the old highway.  In fact, they've recently begun switching the signage over to "US 30 Historic Route" (see my icon for an example).  I would hope if they wanted to re-establish this road as a route, they'd just make it US 30.

- there are a few other oddities:
     - OR 201 is a black (non-highway) road south of Nyssa; an error, as this is still definitely a state-maintained highway.  However, the unsigned OR 452
       off it from Adrian into Idaho is red. 
     - the US 199 shield was mistakenly placed on "F" Street (its old routing) instead of the Grants Pass Parkway (current route) in the Grants Pass inset
     - both OR 10 and OR 99W are signed along Barbur Blvd on the Portland inset, which answers the argument we had a couple years ago on another forum.
     - I-105 is not colored as an "interstate freeway," but rather as a "divided highway", which is used for both non-interstate freeways and divided highways
       elsewhere on the map

As a whole, I've liked the look the Oregon map went to several years ago.  I hope some of these routes showing up on the map is foreshadowing their actual signing next year.
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