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Author Topic: 4/29/2017 Trip Report: Hartford to Philadelphia (and back)  (Read 553 times)


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4/29/2017 Trip Report: Hartford to Philadelphia (and back)
« on: April 30, 2017, 08:24:47 PM »

I had a family commitment down in Philly yesterday that required an immediate turnaround.  Here is my account:

First, some stats:

Left: 7:30 AM
Arr'd (PHL): 12:30 PM, with a half hour break

Left (PHL): 8:15 PM
Arr'd (HFD): 12:45 AM, with about a 40min break

Total miles covered: 442 (incl. a short trip for family dinner from Temple University)

Route (to PHL):  I-84 W -> I-91 S (via US 5/CT 15 "Wilbur Cross Highway") -> CT 15 S (W. Cross, Merritt Pkwy, Hutch. Riv. Pkwy) -> I-287 E (Cross W. Chester) -> I-95 S* (NE Thruway, X-Bronx, G. Wash Bridge, NJTP) -> NJ 700 S (NJTP) -> NJ 73 N -> NJ 90 W (Betsy Ross Br.) -> I-95 S -> Girard Ave. (via Exit 23)

Route (to HFD): I-676 E -> I-95 N -> NJ 90 E (Betsy Ross Br.) -> NJ 73 S -> NJ 700 N (NJTP) -> I-95 N* (NJTP, G. Wash Br., X-Bronx, NE-Thruway -> Hutch Riv. Pkwy/CT 15 N (Merritt Pkwy., W. Cross Pkwy.) -> I-91 N -> I-84 E (via US 5/CT 15 "Wilbur Cross Highway")

Break on both trips was taken at the Vince Lombardi Service Plaza.

*On the SOUTHBOUND trip the eastern Meadowlands split of I-95 was taken and on the NORTHBOUND trip was the western split.

Notes by state:

CT:  My home state, so not much to say here, except that work continues to progress on the Merritt Parkway beautification project.

NY:  Trip time VMSs are up and running on the Cross Bronx and look great.  Lots of new signs since I was last down here.  But the VMSs on the GW Bridge were not working (one was but was displaying nonsense text).  They are older than the ones on the Cross Bronx (but that's NYCDOT vs. Port Authority ROW) but are usually warning trucks to use the lower level.  There is still one button copy BGS located somewhere between Exits 3 and 1.

NJ: The only remnants of the Turnpike's rotating mechanical VMSs are located north of the Meadowlands toll booth.  None of the neon hazard signs remain (This may be obvious to some but last time I traveled the NJTP was 2014).  The last button-copy signs are concentrated roughly between the Meadowlands and the Pulaski Skyway.  The new dual-carriageway segment looks awesome and still has that "new road" feeling after 2.5/3 years of service.  Also, is it common at night to shut off access to the outer carriageway at night?  The northbound split is obviously left open but it seems like they were forcing traffic to the inner carriageway if you got on from an interchange from Exit 6 on north or re-entered from a service plaza.  So traffic was rather heavy in spots and I'd often slow down to 55 as we climbed even the smallest of hills.

PA:  The interchange at the end of the Betsy Ross Bridge was being worked on.  Access to Aramingo Ave. was blocked off.  Appears to be just general bridge rehab.  Also undergoing rehab was the northbound viaduct for I-95 between Exits 22 and 25 (approx.).  And man, do some of Philly's surface roads need work.  Roads around Temple were fine but further Downtown there were many potholes and hack patch jobs.


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