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Kickapoo Turnpike

Started by Plutonic Panda, January 09, 2018, 12:13:46 AM

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The Ghostbuster

It might be a few years before it is signposted. The Kickapoo Turnpike won't have to have its southern extension completed to become Interstate 335, since North Carolina signed its portion of Interstate 587 between Interstate 95 and Greenville without having it connect with future Interstate 87 (which sputters out just past the Business 64/Rolesville Rd. interchanges).


Quote from: jdingus on December 07, 2023, 01:39:16 PM
So when will it be signed?

The Oklahoma government doesn't particularly move in a speedy manner when it comes to anything at all.
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The Creek should be I-644.  Problem solved.
Screw OKDOT's stupid 3xx nonsense.  That's a fake rule.
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Quote from: Scott5114 on December 07, 2023, 06:38:24 PM
The Oklahoma government doesn't particularly move in a speedy manner when it comes to anything at all.

They replaced the circles with meat cleavers in a very short timeframe.
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They did a crappy job with the design and implementation of that new state highway marker too. They're still fiddling around with the line thickness of the state shape. In retrospect I kind of like the old "generic" circle shields more. They're more legible for one thing.

Here in Lawton there is a couple OK-7 circle shield markers on SE Flowermound Road just North of the intersection with OK-7/Lee Blvd. I don't know if the City of Lawton or ODOT is responsible for installing them. They've been replaced a couple of times. The ones standing there currently look like they're in good condition.


There were several 51 circles in downtown Tulsa as of a year or so ago. I assume they are still there.

This is the coolest green sign in Tulsa County. It is also in downtown Tulsa, on Cincinnati Avenue. There is another sign just down the road from this one, but the button copy 51 circle on the other sign has been replaced with a meat cleaver.

Nobody is on the level of the devil.

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