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Greetings from northern MA

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Hi there,

My name is David, I've been lurking around on here for a few months and decided to join. I've been interested in learning about the Massachusetts' Highway System  (and other New England states as well). I also collect Traffic Lights, Road Signs, and License plates and play an unhealthy amount of Cities: Skylines. I used to be on SignalTraffic Forums (Username was 6foot2)  a long time ago before that shut down. Nice to meet you all :D

PM me for which city/town I live in. I'm likely within 30 miles. My name is also David.

Welcome from someone really close to me!

Note: Your username looks like Scott5114, another user here, at first glance.

Welcome from north Georgia, close to the Tennessee border.  :wave:

My name is David as well! I have an unimpressive (in terms of size - I only have 3 items) collection so far, but I, too, collect road-related items such as shields and license plates.  :nod:

I will see you around on the forum!  :wave:

Welcome to the forum from Upstate NY!

I'm the first non-David to reply, but I do have a brother with that name  :-P

Welcome from Huntsville, AL! I'm another signal enthusiast as well, and my name's also David, lol. Most of us signal enthusiasts are over at Highway Divides now (the successor to STF).


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