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Author Topic: A few trips this year so far  (Read 491 times)


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A few trips this year so far
« on: July 24, 2018, 10:44:25 PM »

After returning from very cold Michigan Jan 1 I did not go anywhere until April. 

By April I was itching for a trip.  It had been a while since I rode my motorcycle very far.  I decided I'd ride my 10 year old Honda VTX 1300 with 132,000 miles showing on it for an Iron Butt Association Saddle Sore 1000 (1000 miles in less than 24 hrs).  It was 550 miles west to Sierra Blanca, Texas then return home to Dallas.  This was the same route I took it on for my first IBA ride when it was new.

In May a buddy and I were going to ride motorcycles to Key West.  We got to Mobile, AL.  The storm near Cuba was the cause of flooding in south Florida with rain for then next two weeks.  We decided it was best to return home and try again in the fall.  It wasn't a lot of miles but at least we got to spend six days away from home. 

Then in June we had a family vacation scheduled but I wanted a long distance motorcycle ride before the family trip. The Wife said go fo it.  On June 13 I left out of Dallas on my Yamaha Royal Star Venture S for Fargo, ND for the first day's ride.  Then on day two I rode over to Billings, MT and down to Colorado Springs.  Day three I headed south to Las Vegas, NM before dropping down to I-40 to take me to Amarillo before heading home.  3200 miles in three days made for an Iron Butt Association Saddle Sore 3000.  Plus I now am sure of clinching I-25. 

I got home a few days before our family vacation.  We loaded up my new Ram 2500 to head out to SE Utah and NE Arizona.  We visited the Canyon de Chilly, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Natural Bridges, Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, Zion, Cedar Breaks, Moki Dugway/Muley Point, and a few more.

We had a good trip and saw a lot of country while traveling about 3000 miles in 14 days.  I always enjoy traveling in that area of the country.  I don't think I'd like to live there but I do love the natural beauty. 

After recuperating from the vacation and putting a roof on my deck I was ready for another motorcycle trip.  I also wanted to visit two elderly aunts near Cincinnati.  However, I did not have a lot of time before starting a remodel of our master bathroom.  So I figured a ride to Cincinnati was in order.

Then i realized, all I needed to qualify for the Iron Butt Association Mile Eater Silver certificate was two Saddle Sore 1000 rides before August 21.  Well this trip would make it a done deal if I routed it correctly.

It is normally a little less than 1000 miles to where my aunts live.  With a little adjustment of my route it would be more than 1000 miles.  It was more like 1100 miles.

On Thursday July 19 I left.  It would be I-30, I-40, I-55, I-57, I-64, I-75, to I-275 the Ohio 32 for the 1100 miles in 18 hours.  I visited for one day.  For the return I wanted a little different route.  On Saturday July 21 I left for home. The route home was Ohio 32, I-275, I-75, Kentucky 80/Cumberland Parkway, I-65, I-40, I-30.  This was another 1100 miles in 18 hours. 

Attached to the passenger's foot rest I carried a gallon cooler full of ice with a bite tube to suck water out of as the ice melted and I also had a hydration unit on my back. 

The trip went very well.  I enjoyed my visit.     

Probably no trips in August unless I travel with my wife to Houston on a business trip.  But I know in September I'll head to south Florida to take care of another elderly aunt while my cousin takes his wife in for a serious surgery.  This will not be a fun trip but I'll get to see my granddaughter while I'm in the area. 

I don't believe I stuck to my dream list of wishful trips for the year.  Hopefully I continue to wake up every morning for a few more years so I can complete my bucket list. 

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