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Hurricane Rex:
So, since this in two states, I can't post it in their respective boards, and I don't think this fits the subject of the "Ding Dong, the CRC is dead" thread.

This I found today:
I wouldn't have posted it unless Oregon seemed interested. Thoughts?

Personally I see this as another chance to ressurect light rail into Vancouver which is why Oregon would be on it. If it can go through without some of the junk put in that jacked up the cost, I'd be happy. Just build a 10 lane bridge and adjust I-5's Portland's capacity to accommodate it.

I may have been a little too agressive in the comments. You have been warned.

Edit: adding second source:

I'm doubtful that Portland's freeway capacity could ever be expanded, so let's just go with a 6 GP+2 HOV bridge (all tolled) and a parallel light rail crossing. Bonus if the funding pot from Washington is limited to Clark County, since there's a lot of very pressing issues elsewhere that need state money.

I remember people on the Oregon side balking at the CRC because it was presented as a '12 lane wide bridge', forgetting that that's what the Jackson Bridge is -- four of those lanes are the shoulders. (Jackson is 13, if you count the median bike lanes).

With that said, if the planners actually meant 12 lanes plus shoulders, yeah, that's a bit much, especially since I-5 can't support that on either side of the Columbia; at most, 10 would work, being as they'd be auxiliary lanes.

Hurricane Rex:
With the current plans for I-5, 10 lanes is the absolute max, 8 is reccomended (from me) with room to expand to 10 later on (extra wide shoulders).

What isn't mentioned is the mayor forgetting (I understand the current mayor is new but still) that Vancouver blocked the East County Crossing despite being approved by voters and now they complain about congestion on I-5/I-205/SR 14. That crossing would've helped out the latter 2 (mainly SR 14, indirectly some of I-205).


The Ghostbuster:
I hope the CRC is rebuilt with additional lanes, as well as full shoulders. As for the light rail element, they can take it and dump it at the bottom of the Columbia River. It would be more useful down there.


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