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Author Topic: Shortest highways  (Read 26384 times)


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Re: Shortest highways
« Reply #100 on: October 03, 2018, 01:41:28 PM »

I think there is some highway in Kentucky that is 37 feet long.  I don't know what the shortest *signed* highway is.

What What only 37 feet?


But Kentucky 410 is the shortest signed route in the state.

"Special route?" That must be a Wiki-made-up term because never, ever, in my life have I heard that term used. Has anyone else ever heard of such a thing?

I hate to reply to a comment that is almost a month old but I was curious about that myself, and as it turns out the term "special route" does appear in an AASHTO document used as one of the references on the Wikipedia article on special routes, although honestly from the looks of things the article only uses that term because "bannered route" isn't an official term either and "special route" is about as close to one as it gets.
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Re: Shortest highways
« Reply #101 on: October 03, 2018, 04:13:30 PM »

RI 114A is the shortest route in RI and is signed on RI 114 and River Rd at intersections, but not on the road itself.  You can see the white paddle town MA town line sign from its terminus.
Further north, there's another segment of RI 114A that runs from the MA State Line at Ledge Rd. to Pawtucket Ave. (RI 1A/114) in East Providence.

Upshoot: not only is RI 114A the shortest route in RI; its total mileage (of 0.4 miles) consists of two separate segments (separated by a 3-mile stretch in MA).
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