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Author Topic: Streets and highways with similar names confusingly close to each other  (Read 41730 times)


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Re: Streets and highways with similar names confusingly close to each other
« Reply #175 on: April 11, 2019, 02:24:49 PM »


Zooming out of street view, it looks like that's just a street that turns the corner.  Cutter Pkwy to the west and south, Aylesworth to the east.

Correct.  But the sign has read Cutter Parkway on both sides for most of the last 55 years, at least.  Several years ago they changed the sign to Cutter Parkway/Aylesworth, but then changed it back a few years ago.  I never did understand it.

I'm guessing the short connector between that corner and Patterson & Aylesworth is officially part of Cutter Pkwy, but there are no houses facing it so it doesn't matter.  If that's true, then I think changing the sign to Parkway/Aylesworth is better even if it's technically inaccurate.
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Colorado Springs has a bunch of streets with “Cheyenne” names, mostly in the vicinity of the Broadmoor, which is near Cheyenne Mountain. According to a TV piece, there are sixteen of them across the city, at least as of 2017.

For someone that doesn’t live in the immediate area, you’ll most likely use or drive by several of those streets on the way to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, with greater potential for wrong turns when coming from I-25 at Nevada/Tejon. Part of the route in is usually taking Cheyenne Blvd, which is mostly parallel to Cheyenne Rd a block or two to the south. (Note that, further west than relevant to the zoo, they join, then split into North and South Cheyenne Canyon Rd). I think it’s the return trip from the zoo that can be more confusing, though. You start out going down Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road and pass Cheyenne Mountain Blvd (that one winds through the Broadmoor, occasionally with directional prefixes). Ideally, you’ll get back to Cheyenne Blvd, but you need to pass Cheyenne Rd first. If you turn too early on ‘Rd,’ you’ll end up on Nevada Ave instead of Tejon St as they drift apart, which is fine (it heads to the same I-25 interchange), but unexpected if you’re not from the area.

A fun feature of a couple of these roads is that after a brief break east of Nevada Ave, Cheyenne Rd reappears and arcs down to intersect Lake Ave one block west of Cheyenne Mountain Blvd (which you passed the west end of way back by the zoo). Also, a few honorable “Cheyenne” mentions also go to Cheyenne Meadows Rd, which at either end is the first intersection south of Cheyenne Mountain Blvd, and to the one block of Cheyenne Ave in downtown Colorado Springs, which is completely unrelated to the Broadmoor shenanigans.


In contrast to wherever all the “Cheyennes” came from, present-day Colorado Springs tends to be more particular about similar street names. A while ago, they wouldn’t allow what’s now Middle Creek Pkwy to be “Black Squirrel Pkwy," (after the creek in question) although the only “Black Squirrel” road I see is on the opposite side of Black Forest. In the same area as the “Cheyenne” roads, they’re now requiring part of Mount Washington Ave to be renamed because a section in the middle is being vacated with some other roads to make way for an urban renewal project. On the flip side, both Briargate Pkwy and Briargate Blvd are notable roads in the city.


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Traffic reporters used to have to distinguish the Alaskan Way Viaduct with the Alaskan Way surface street, though this hasn't been a problem since a few months ago.  :)


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    • Patrick Lilja's Minnesconsin Highways

Milwaukee has “Kilbourn Ave” and “Clybourn St” a couple exits apart.
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