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Houston TX: I-10 San Jacinto River Bridge Closed Due To Barge Strike

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A barge struck and severely damaged one of the piers.

Google Map:,-95.0568072,2961m/data=!3m1!1e3

I read the thread title and wondered how a union strike could cause I-10 to shut down.

If you saw how narrow the channel is for ships to get past our railroad bridge in the body of water known as Coos Bay, you would wonder how it only got hit ONE time since it was finished in 1914.  Go east a bit and there's the McCullough Bridge (US 101) and since it was completed in 1936, it has been hit once.  That was 1986.  "The Ship Hit The Span!" t-shirts and bumper stickers appeared...LOL!

Those who pilot large ships and barges have to be incredibly skilled in order to achieve such a record.  Moving them on water is not exactly the same as hustling a Porsche through a curve on a track! 

Hope the bridge being out of action can be handled with better detours than we had for 101.  Losing the railroad bridge meant End Of The Line time as there was not an alternate rail route.  That hurt!


Sounds like they are re-opening it, but shifting traffic over onto a portion of the bridge that is not supported by the broken pillar

There is no viable alternative.  I guess you could go south on 8 to 225, east to 146, cross using the Fred Hartman bridge then back to 10 using 146. Otherwise you have to go north to US90, but there's no practical way to get back to 10 from there.


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