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British Columbia (TCH 1, BC 19, BC 7) color dashcam films from 1966


TranBC posted color dashcam video from 1966 along Highways 1 and 19 (now 19A) on Vancouver Island, and from Highway 7 between Burnaby and Maple Ridge.

In a comment, they explain that this isn't actually motion-picture film, but rather something akin to a primitive Street View car: "The movies were created by taking individual photos every 80 feet or so and then processing them all together on one 35mm film reel." If you pause at just the right points, you can make out some pre-metric signs.

Vancouver Island (in three parts):

Highway 7:


Wow, this seems pretty neat! I wonder how common it was for people top do videos like this way back then.

The San Diego videos someone posted recently were done with a similar system. You can see the road accumulated distance on LEDs on the top of the frame. I suspect this type of rig was not unusual for contemporary road surveys back then.

In the pavement: "Keep BC clean, use your ashtray."  It's strange to see non-traffic messages written on pavement.


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